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Our Technical Team

Network Engineer

Doug has been with PC-TroniX since 2002.  Prior to that he worked in the IT field for Rite Aid and Hershey Chocolate. 

He received his Associate Degree in Computer Technology from Thompson Institute in Harrisburg in 1998.  He also has a Microsoft Certified Professional certification. 

Doug has been working with computers for more than 10 years.  Doug designs and installs networks.  He has a broad, in-depth experience that is only obtained by going into the field on an everyday basis, working on IT networks for our many clients.  This is experience that other IT engineers, who are limited to working on just one network for just one employer, simply cannot match.


Network Engineer / Owner

At the age of 14 Rob started out making money in computers by helping college students at HACC and Penn State Middletown with their computer programming assignments.  He also assisted his school teachers while in high school, with computer setups.

Rob completed a two-year Electronic Engineering Technology course at Harrisburg Area Community College (with high honors) about 17 years ago. 

His involvement in computers has escalated ever since.  In industry he has served as a supervisor in both the electronics department and the computer department at a cable advertising agency in Hershey. 

While working in industry, many people outside of work asked Rob to work on their computers and networks, so he decided to start his own formal business (PC-TroniX) in 1998. 

On a few occasions even local competitors have utilized Rob's consulting services.

Rob assists our technical team in the design, installation, and support of IT networks for our clients…in addition to managing his business.


Wireless Specialist

He has been with PC-TroniX since 2002.  

He has installed WiFi and wireless facilities at a local airport and hotels in addition to installing wireless access for our clients. He has performed about 45 hotel wireless signal “site surveys” for hotel WiFi. 

He operates an outdoor “fixed wireless” Internet access system in his neighborhood.

Bob got his start by working in the radio and TV industry for about 10 years.   Then he tried his hand at entrepreneurship by opening a CB radio store, where he sold and serviced CB radios for the few years that the fad lasted.

He then taught college credit Electronic Engineering Technology courses fulltime to the day and evening students at HACC.  He was there for 5 ½ years. 

Bob jumped on board the new cellular industry in 1986 and worked in cellular technology for 16 years before coming to PC-TroniX.  He worked on cellular radio transmitters and receivers; microwave radios in the 2G, 6G, and 18G ranges; and did system performance work comparing cellular carriers in the south central PA area.

He has an Amateur Extra Class License, and FCC Commercial Radiotelephone license, all of which help to demonstrate his broad knowledge of wireless.  It’s rare that a computer company will have access to a wireless staff person with those two licenses.

In addition to doing wireless Internet work, Bob helps with HR, marketing, and general office duties.


The preceding broad and in-depth knowledge of all our staff is at the disposal of our clients.