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PC-TroniX’s Rob Young, president and owner, has had more than 25 years of experience in the field of information technology; and his exceptionally high standards are the building blocks of his quality-driven company.

PC-TroniX’s clients receive the unparalleled benefit of our team’s expertise and our incomparable dedication to quality and efficiency. PC-TroniX’s utilization of cutting-edge technology provides our clients with nothing less than the best software and hardware applications available; and our awareness of industry innovations ensure that we—and our clients—have a definitive advantage over our competition.

Because all aspects of PC-TroniX’s services are contained in house, our clients never have to call “the other guy.” There is no other guy. If you have a problem with your network, one call to one person will resolve it. For this reason, Young demands the same commitment to quality from his staff; their enthusiasm in shared with our clients in every exchange, whether it be in person, over the phone, or via email.

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