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Consulting Services

The first step is free.

When a company or individual meets with PC-TroniX for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, the PC-TroniX design team does very little talking (and no selling whatsoever).

This meeting is your opportunity to tell PC-TroniX about your current operating procedures, the difficulties you experience, and the expectations you have for a more efficient future. Only after PC-TroniX has examined your workplace-listening to your team, fully assessing your current problems, and taking into account your future needs-do we create a custom-designed project plan.

Our solutions emphasize saving time, money, and increasing the efficiency of your network system. To this end, all of our work is scalable and every solution is crafted to adapt to future growth at a minimum cost of time and expenses to our clients.

Once the design is finalized and your management team is 100% in agreement with our plan, the PC-TroniX team is committed to nothing less than your complete satisfaction with the network building process and its results:

  • Your project will remain on schedule throughout the construction process-with a minimum of downtime.
  • Your products will arrive on-site completely assembled, custom-tailored to maximize effectiveness.
  • We will utilize only the software and hardware solutions that best fit your business, guaranteeing our work and our products (all servers and workstations include a three- to five-year manufacturers' limited warrantee).
  • 24/7 access to the PC-TroniX Help Desk professionals. If we are unable to resolve your problem, you will not be billed.

We will also provide you with any and all additional resources or recommendations your business requires to make certain that your data and network are secure-to the greatest extent you may require.

To arrange a consultation with the PC-TroniX consultation team, call or email us today.