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Corporate Email Defense & Spam Blocking Services

Your E-mail address is often your primary venue for communication with clients and co-workers. With PC-TroniX's E-mail defense and spam blocking solutions, you spend less time filtering and more time working; and with our blocking services, your bandwidth is reserved for legitimate use.

Our massive, state of the art spam-deflection database consists of more than 100 information evaluators that self-update daily. These qualifying tests monitor the flow of information to your network in real time, ensuring that viruses are kept out of your healthy operating system.

How much is spam really cosing your company? Use our Spam Cost Calculator and find out. This also reduces the amount of junk email that you receive in your inbox by 98%, thus saving your business storage space and downloading time by refining the clutter that attempts to infiltrate your network. With PC-TroniX's spam filtering software, you still have access to every message sent to you. We just quarantine the mail that fails spam-deflection software, giving priority to your messages from legitimate senders.

For more information in PC-TroniX's advanced spam blocking software and your business, call or email us today.


Received: 1,529,504,875 (100%)
Blocked: 1,431,503,416 (93.6%)
Allowed:  98,001,459 (6.4%)