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Sustainable Network Security

The PC-TroniX team is dedicated to providing you with the tools your company needs to operate securely, protecting your company's and your clients' information.

In addition to our secure email hosting and unparalleled spam blocking software, PC-TroniX also offers hacker security on a case-by-case basis. With these added protections, PC-TroniX provides your network with both front- and back-end security, minimizing your vulnerability to unauthorized users.

The PC-TroniX security team will also help you in creating an incomparable disaster recovery plan. Based upon your most immediate needs in a worst case scenario, PC-TroniX will provide you with the action plan to be enacted the minute you realize your network is non-operational. This service includes virtual access to all PC-TroniX's necessary hardware, software, and custom configurations required to keep your business operational until a new server network can be enacted.

For more information on PC-TroniX's advanced network security solutions and how we can protect your business, call or email us today.