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Fixed Wireless (Internet Access)

This service is for home users and commercial establishments who simply want to be able to connect to the Internet.    And PC-TroniX does not charge sales tax, or have hidden or disconnect fees.

Access is gained through a small receiver usually placed outdoors.

As surprising as it may seem PC-TroniX does not try to market super “high speed Internet” to the basic to average Internet user. 

Simply put, the average residential user does not need, and hardly ever gets to use the high speed he pays for.

Once you pass a certain minimum download speed (which is surprisingly low), in most cases even a fiber optic line usually won’t deliver your data any faster.  Here’s why

Regarding wireless security, whether wired or wireless, we all should be concerned about security.  Check out this Wireless Security Link.


Fixed Wireless (Point to point)

This service normally serves commercial establishments.

Point to point wireless connects two or more distant locations (up to 15 miles apart) where it’s impossible or uneconomical to run wires. 

These distant locations can then have network and Internet connectivity.  Deployment is normally outdoors.


WiFi (for free)

This is the free wireless Internet connectivity found at coffee shops, hotels and airports. 

This service caters to people who have laptops with WiFi capability.

It’s normally deployed indoors, but can be deployed outdoors also.

If you have a location that you would like to deploy WiFi for free for your customers (to help keep them coming back), contact Bob at PC-TroniX. 

Bob, our wireless specialist, will do a site survey for you and give you a proposal for WiFi deployment at your location.  If you are nearby, the site survey is FREE.


WiFi (fee-based)

This is a fee-based service, which can be deployed either indoors or outdoors, and can be utilized at business locations like:

  • coffee shops
  • marinas
  • RV parks
  • camp grounds
  • truck stops
  • airports
  • hotels

This service is also for people who have laptops with WiFi capability.

The WiFi user enters his credit card information directly on his laptop, to pay for this Internet connectivity.

Once the card information is accepted and authorized, the WiFi user can connect to the Internet for whatever time period he has paid for. 

This time period can be as long or as short as he'd like. 

Would you like to make money with fee-based WiFi at your business location ?

PC-TroniX will:

  • Pay for and install the wireless equipment
  • Do all technical administration and maintenance work
  • Pay for and maintain the ecommerce merchant account
  • We use the broadband connection you already have 

PC-TroniX and the venue owner will share the profits. 

It’s a win-win-win situation:  Your customers gain access to the Internet, and both the venue owner and PC-TroniX make a profit at the same time.


Wireless Site Surveys (a service for other service providers)

A wireless site survey is an art and a science

It requires much more than just “guesstimating” where access points should be placed.  If done by someone without the necessary skills and experience, you will have unhappy customers.

Most IT companies do not have a technical employee with this skill-set on their staff.  PC-TroniX however, has Bob, who is our on-staff wireless specialist with 25 years+ wireless experience.  He has the skill-set, experience, and training to do an accurate site survey for your company.    

Bob has done about 45 hotel wireless site surveys and many wireless surveys at several large buildings for our IT clients.

Complicated situations like hotels, airports, Rv parks, marinas or large buildings (especially if the buildings have brick or cinder block walls, or concrete floors), require a properly done wireless site survey.  PC-TroniX can do this survey for you.


If you would like to know more about PC-TroniX wireless services, contact Bob at:
Ph: 717-795-7231