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Future Franchise/Licensing Opportunities

We have been incorporated since 1998 doing B2B IT networking, as far away as Aspen, CO.  We have found that when we advertised for technical help, we have to choose from a handful of fairly qualified individuals.  Unfortunately we can’t hire them all.  We realized there are many people just, that are well qualified to operate their own PC-TroniX franchise.   They might need help from a company like PC-TroniX to get their IT company set up and in operation.  We already have existing strong buying relationships with national computer vendors.

So we decided to put this “Future Franchise/Licensing Opportunity” page on our web site to see if there is enough interest from qualified individuals, who might want to operate their own PC-TroniX franchise.  We can help you get into an IT business of their own, if you are qualified from a technical and business standpoint.

If you are interested, you may E-mail Bob at:

This information does not constitute an offer or sale of a franchise. Presently, we are only evaluating the possibility of whether there is enough interest for us to make franchise or licensing available to qualified individuals.