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Hosting & Email Services

PC-TroniX specializes in web hosting and email servers via our fiber optic backbone. Our main priority is ensuring that your web site and email servers are fast and reliable so that you remain in contact with your co-workers, your clients, and the public as often and as immediately as your job requires.

Our web servers and hosting services are scalable. You will only receive-and be billed for-the services your company requires, and regardless of how your company changes in the future, PC-TroniX has the infrastructure to evolve with you.

Included in our web hosting services:

  • Continuous monitoring of our server system, ensuring that all websites function at optimum speed with the minimum amount of downtime.
  • A daily back-up of your information-no information more than a day old is unrecoverable.

For more information on PC-TroniX's range of email and hosting services, call or email us today.