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Money-Saving IT Service Plan #1
For Today’s Tough Economy

Announcing PC-TroniX’s
Virtual Workstation Maintenance

Virtual Workstation Maintenance (VWM):

  1. Produces a more stable network by using PC-TroniX’s proprietary system to automatically perform many workstation preventative maintenance (PM) routines. 
    It’s safe It’s secure.  It’s automatic. It's thorough.

  2. Automatically performs PM routines at a lower cost, then a more expensive on-site technician.  This helps minimize the remaining PM work your more costly on-site tech help needs to do.

  3. Works great whether you use an IT Support company/IT Staff, or not.  VWM  is even more necessary if you do not have regular IT help for your business network.

  4. Works on most any size network.


To our knowledge, we are the only IT Company that helps minimize a client’s IT PM expenses.
It’s a Win-Win situation because…
Our clients greatly reduce their IT PM expenses, & we gain more clients since VWM is very cost-effective.


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