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 Money-Saving IT Service Plan #2
For Today’s Tough Economy

Announcing PC-TroniX’s 24/7/365
Managed Network Monitoring

Managed Network Monitoring (MNM):

  1. Is an automatic network monitoring method that uses PC-TroniX’s proprietary system.  MNM safely & securely monitors key technical areas of your entire network on a 24/7/365 basis. In some cases MNM will automatically fix problem.

  2. Assists your IT Support company/staff by making their repair work less time-consuming…thus costing you less.

  3. Produces a more stable network for you, by detecting and then alerting our Help Desk when repair(AKA break/fix) maintenanceis required on your network.  In the event of a detected repair issue, our Help Desk will be notified and we will notify you or your IT Support Company to address the repair issue.  Or if you wish, we can address the repair issue.

  4. Monitors in real time to catch emerging network problems before they escalate into larger more expensive repair problems.  This helps minimize your on-site repair expenses

  5. Provides a fast response time for obvious and hidden network repair problems, as opposed to your IT support company finding an escalated more expensive repair problem during their next on-site visit. 

  6. Works great whether you use an IT Support company/IT staff, or not. 
    MNM  is even more necessary if you do not have regular IT help for your business network.

  7. Works on most any size network.

To our knowledge, we are the only IT Company that helps minimize a client’s IT Repair expenses.
It’s a Win-Win situation because…
Our clients greatly reduce their IT Repair expenses, & we gain more clients since MNM is very cost-effective.

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