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Even if your business doesn’t have the additional proprietary needs of the Insurance, Legal, Medical or Architectural professions, you still have general office IT needs…such as:

Operating Systems and applications: Microsoft, QuickBooks, Peachtree, ACT!, many others

Basic IT services:

  • FREE Network analysis for businesses in our service area.
  • Design, installation, support, consulting
  • Leasing

Advanced IT services:

  • FREE Wireless site surveys (within 50 miles of our offices)
  • FREE E-mail defense trial
  • TurnKey Network install
  • On-site local backup, and off-site data backup via the Internet

Maintenance Services:
Maintenance is available on a reactive “break-fix” basis, or a proactive scheduled maintenance basis.

For more details about our services, call us at 717-795-7231 (toll free - 877-728-7664). Check out our Weekly Spam Report (bottom of page).

PC-TroniX has been in business since 1998. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, and DELL Solution Provider. We have worked for companies who had no IT staff and for companies with up to 10 IT staff employees.

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